Are there any disadvantage of iPhone 6

It is high time strip off the dazzling appearance & seep in the interior side and see what the new iPhone 6 disadvantages are before making any decision.
Cost is Very High!
Earlier iPhone 6 Plus come with 2 year of contract is cost efficient. Still, most of the consumers still want to buy contract free iPhone Plus. While visiting site, you will find iPhone 6 Plus must cost over $1000 for 16 GB & $1250 for 128 GB that are more expensive than the iPhone 5S in last same time. Besides, the Apple new product Apple Watch also sold at over $349 has little fatal attraction on you that works with the iPhone to watch health condition.
Good Android Features iPhone 6 Lacks:
At present, smartphone market is been divided mainly by the Apple and the Android phones. They are competing against one another and make the progress together. The iPhone 6 Plus is typical instance. Here are a few features that iPhone 6 Plus is absorbing from Android, such as 5.5inch screens, video chat, NFC, custom keyboards and more. Besides, iPhone 6 Plus also lacks the Android Micro SD support and speed hardly goes to Cat 4, and with just 150 Mbps of speed compared to the LG G3’s 300 Mbps!
Annoying iOS Bugs
As a successor of the iOS 7, the iOS 8 brings Apple users the best performance as there‚Äôre many benefits of the iOS 8 this brings on iPhone 6. You will see pros of the iOS 8: and continuity between iOS and Mac OS; 3rd party keyboards and QuickType; latest features in the Mail and Messages or new spirit of the openness for the app developers. Although iOS 8 benefits are many, cons of the iOS 8 has discovered, such as great demand in huge amount of the space to install; slow down of older models; 3rd party keyboards, and Apple’s native keyboard, multitasking gestures, iMessage glitches, crashes of Settings app, overall sluggishness and laggy notifications. Considering a lot of problems that iOS 8 has, instantly Apple launches upgraded iOS 8 to resolve all the issue. No matter whether iOS 8 have real impact, still it requires a little time to test at
Non removable LiPo Battery
One point that Android smartphones are better than the iPhone 6 is Android phones support users to insert and draw out battery freely to independently charging. In Apple iPhones, you will just charge battery with whole iPhone that at times leads to huge inconvenience to users whenever they want iPhone to make any urgent calls on a move when iPhone are been fixed to supplement the power.
Lack of Water Resistant Display and Dust Proof
When compared to strong opponent of Samsung Galaxy S5, the iPhone 6 is dominated while it comes about dust proof & water resistant display. Being a latecomer, the iPhone 6 will surprise us little more with groundbreaking changes, for example, display, thus to get more details on iPhone 6 visit