Why white riding gloves are important in horse riding


The riding gloves had always been essential part in the riding outfit. They will protect the hands against the friction caused by lunge line, reins or elements. The gloves have been designed to help the riders while they have reinforced areas to ensure durability where the reins may come in the contact with gloves. There are different features of the gloves based on the style and they will include flexible fabrics, weather resistance, ventilation panels with added grip. The glove manufacturer does offer the sizing with half inch increment with the universal sizing starting from the small up to the extra large. The riding gloves have to fit well but they should not be binding or too tight.

If you want to know your size before you buy white riding gloves, you should start by using tape measure that have inch increment. You can then measure the widest part of the hand and this excludes the thumb. A tape measure has to be straight and snug but it should not be that tight.

The number of the inches on the hand does represent the size of your gloves. The glove size is rounded. For example if the glove size is 6 3/4 inches, it will be rounded to be 7 inches. When the gloves size is found in the universal sizes, you should refer to a size charts and it is provided in determining the size.

The best white riding gloves has to fit like your second skin and it should let you have a good feel and have the best grip at the reins.

The following tips will help to choose the best gloves:

Materials should be breathable so that you can be warmer during warmer weather while the material will stretch in order to add to the general fit and comfort.

Palm: different materials are used for the palm and they can be synthetic suede or leather, while they give a better feel or grip of reins. You should try out different pairs to ensure the feel is comfortable with you.

Finger reinforcements found where the gloves get wear, they are normally found between rein fingers and they make the gloves to be even more durable. They will provide the protection against rubbing.

Fastening: the Velcro fastening near the wrist or the back of the hand gives a better secure feeling. It can be found at the back of hand and it gives a better and secure feeling. Others are slip on with the elastic on the wrist. You can try different styles and you can find out the one that will suit you even better.

For some people, gloves are optional but it is useful if weather is cold or too hot, if you are riding the horse which is too heavy or if you like to pull.  You can choose between different styles like all-leather gloves, crochet backs and leather palms.

Remember that having a great outfit will always make you the best rider. When you have the right attitude with the best outfit, it will contribute on how you are feeling and it will make a difference.