Choosing the best one

Fruits and vegetables are inserting in the chamber and spinning cutting blade will grind material down in the small shreds & sends this against the straining screen basket, which is spinning at a same high speed like cutting blade. Weight of plant material spinning in high speed creates force that is pushing against a screen. The centrifugal force pulls your juice out of plant material and juice slips through straining screen as well as leaves dry material, and pulp, behind within its screen. This kind of juicer isn’t recommended for the soft fruits like berries and bananas or leafy vegetables like spinach, parsley, or wheat grass. The centrifugal juicers produce foaming because of high speed of juice processing. The units are much louder in the operation than the Masticating juicers.

Basket Type juicers:-
It is the effective way of extracting juice as well as is consider very effective than the continuous pulp ejection machines. Speed of shredding wheel & basket is over 3,000rpm’s. Pulp from the vegetables and fruits retain in basket and isn’t automatically eject during its juicing process. It allows centrifugal force to extract its juice from pulp screen or basket. Basket has to be empty when filled with pulp, generally after capacity of juicer quarts of the juice. The optional basket filters will make the clean up task simple.

Continuous centrifugal juicers:-
The second centrifugal juicers type uses angled strainer basket to have continuous juicing. Plant material is further push down against its spinning shredding blade & forced against the angled basket. Pulp hits an angled basket & centrifugal force pulls its juice out of shredded plant material same to full basket units, however pulp doesn’t stay in a basket. Spinning plant material then moves up an angled basket and pulp is then ejecting from machine in the container for simple disposal. These units are simple to clean than the full basket types. These kind of juicers generally work by using the centrifugal force for extracting juice. Fruits & vegetables are then pushed down the feed tube to flat grating blade that is spinning in anything over 12,000 RPM. Speed of grater efficiently shreds produce when it touches and centrifugal force is made underneath blade, sucks liquid through small holes in filter basket. After that juice is dispensed in receptacle and fibre is then discarded.

Application of the Centrifugal juicers:-
The centrifugal juicers are perfect for the health center, caterers, hostels, beverage processing industries, kitchen, to extract good quality of juice from pineapple, carrot, pomegranate, grapes, vegetable, tomato, spinach, orange, lettuce, cucumber, prune, apricot, beet, strawberry, papaya, pear, celery apple, amalaki, and lots more …

Feature of the Centrifugal juicers
• Centrifugal juicers are very effective and nonstop in Extracting the Juice process.
• Unique & Reliable Design
• Higher production leading to the faster return on investments
• Compact size
• All the Rotating parts are well balanced in reducing the friction losses & noise
• Long lasting steel and Aluminum Construction