Free and Legal Music Download Sites

There are ample of free sites available now on the internet from where you can download music legally. From these sites, you may get free music in high-quality mp3 format. They will be forever with you as you can save or download these mp3 files.

All the music downloader sites are legal so they are either public domain or in many cases some artist has provided permission to you to enjoy or download their diligence. By listening to music you can spend your leisure time very gracefully and with happiness.

Name of Some Free & Legal Music Download Sites

  • NoiseTrade – here you may find thousands of free music albums which are completely legal to take. You can get your favorite song in Zipping format just by subscribing the email id.
  • Jamendo – through creative commons, all the free music downloads at Jamendo are made available which means that the artists themselves decide whether they intend to give out their music to masses for enjoy or not. Here you can discover the new music here as well which you may enjoy.
  • PureVolume – It is another music finding site. It provides the artists an option of offering free music downloads of their songs. Here you may view the free music downloads just by top downloads, top songs, album, artists and many more. There is no need to set up an account here.
  • Free Music Archive – You can download the free music here legally. It is a mix of creative commons or public domain licenses. Here you find all collection of files of all genre, artists, albums etc. you can also here your own collections just by setting up an account.
  • Amazon – at this site, you may find a load of music files which you may download. Here you may find all the free music downloads just by clicking on the genre, release date, reviews, the length of the song, album or artist etc.
  • – It offers various genres of musics which are downloadable. You may browse these free downloads by simply looking via the entire list or by category. You can also stream various music files as well.
  • Soundclick – here you can download music files directly from the artist sites. It incorporates both signed & unsigned musicians. It also offers you to create custom radio stations.
  • SoundCloud – It is a site which let you download or stream free music. At this site, contents are usually shared by independent musicians while others are uploaded by professional artists.  There is no need to set up an account here.
  • Vimeo – It is also known as video only site. It offers you free music which you can download. But you need to set up an account on this site if you intend to download the music files.
  • CCTrax – It provides you different music files which you can download along categories like jazz, techno etc. To avail its facility there is no need to set up an account here. You can download the music files here in mp3 formats.