Select Homeowner Loan To Meet Your Residential & Business Needs

Homeowner loan is designed for people who are suffering due to bad credit. Obviously banks do not even consider a client who has unstable credit history. People are left to keep on visiting various financial institutes. Just because of higher interest rate and complicated procedure, people cannot find a chance to avail even short term fund. Basic motive of our company is to introduce long term and short term financial plans starting from £5000 to £250,000. We have categorized our loans in different categories. It is up to applicant to choose the suitable type and apply for loan.

Installment Loan
It is included among short term loans as the time duration to repay the amount is one year only. Short installments for £100-£5000 are enough to carry out some of the urgent tasks at home. Get fix your vehicle, freezer or invite your relatives to celebrate birthday party or anniversary.

Unsecured Loan
It is specialty of our company to sanction unsecured loan at APR 7.9%. Whether you are tenant or homeowner, this loan is appropriate to meet your economical needs. Apply for an amount £500 to £50,000 as you will have one year to five year time period for settlement.

Guarantor Loan
As the name signifies, this type of Homeowner loan is given to customers who have guarantor to take their responsibility. Reasonable credit £1000 up to £7500 is provided without even noticing credit history.

Secured Loan
Provide something valuable as security before applying for a loan. This type of loan provides maximum loan £5000 up to £250,000. It is one of the well-liked types as low interest rate 5.7 percent forces people to get benefit. People from different backgrounds and financial conditions apply by securing their property. Customers are liable to pay monthly installment on time.

Bridging Loans
In an emergency condition, people try to get maximum funds by providing personal assets as security. Range of Bridging loan is £3000 up to one million Pound. It seems a dream to get a valuable amount from bank even for short duration. Majority of people have rich assets but financially they are living hand to mouth. Our company has given solution and golden chance to use their assets as source of financial support. At our platform, up to £1 million is sanctioned for business, family needs or home extension. As compared to other homeowner loans, Bridging loan gives opportunity to use your funds for business purpose as well.

Credit Cards Loan
It is specially designed loan for customers who have unstable credit rating. Do not waste time and change your credit rating through this loan. Funds limit is £250 up to £3000 with an APR 35.9 percent.
Vanquis has higher interest rate; however it gives maximum chances of loan approval. It is suitable for customers with low credit and cleared CCJs. APR for Vanquis loan is 39.9 percent. On the other hand, Aqua card offers credit limit £500 up to £1600. This type of guarantor loan does not accept customers who have CCJ in one year time period.